Readers ask: How Does Bmw Digital Key Work?

BMW Digital Key Classic uses the NFC chip within your smartphone* in order to communicate to your BMW. In order to unlock or lock the door, you must position your smartphone near the NFC reader in the door handle on the driver’s side. Additionally, the supplied BMW Key Card can also be used in place of your smartphone.

What is the purpose of BMW digital key card?

What is the BMW Digital Key? The digital car key on your compatible iPhone allows you to conveniently and securely lock, unlock, and even start your BMW. From now on you can use your iPhone as a key with a compatible BMW, with maximum security and data protection guaranteed.

How much does BMW digital key cost?

Is BMW Digital Key free? Yes, it is free for the first year of usage. After the first year, if you want to keep the feature of Digital Key For5, you’ll be charged $88 annually.

What is a digital key for a car?

Digital Key technology provides a user the ability to unlock/lock and start/stop their vehicle via a smartphone application. The application receives an encryption key and is then able to authenticate the key by bringing the smart phone within proximity of vehicle.

How do you use a digital key?

First, to actually use your Digital Key, you need to completely unlock your phone – then, you need to open the Hilton app, dig up your reservation, find the Digital Key box, wait for the Digital Key screen to load, and finally, wait for the phone to ‘find’ a lock nearby, before you can “press to unlock”.

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How do I unlock my BMW with digital key?

Go keyless with the BMW Digital Key Classic. Your compatible Androidâ„¢ smartphone* or BMW Key Card substitutes for your vehicle’s key fob. Simply hold it to the door handle on the driver’s side to lock and unlock or, to start the engine, you can place your device in the wireless charging tray or smartphone cradle.

What is the connect with your BMW card?

The BMW ConnectedDrive app is operated from your Apple or Android smartphone, smartwatch or even an Amazon Echo. You can use it to arrange your diary, remind you of meetings or programme destinations before you get into your car.

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