Quick Answer: What Coolant To Use For Bmw 335I?

Pentosin 1.5 Liter Blue Concentrate Coolant/Antifreeze.

What type of coolant do BMW use?

Your BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi or Volkswagen uses an HOAT coolant. HOAT coolants are derived from OAT coolants with the addition of silicate to protect aluminum surfaces.

What kind of coolant does a 2008 335i take?

Zerex 1 Gallon Blue 50/50 Coolant/Antifreeze.

Does a BMW need special coolant?

BMWs have specific coolant requirements ( nitrite and phosphate free ) to prevent build-up and corrosion of aluminum components, so not just any off-the-shelf antifreeze will do.

What kind of coolant does a 2011 BMW 335i take?

Zerex Antifreeze/Coolant G-05 Formula CONCENTRATE *5 Year/150K Mile Protection* 1 Gallon.

Is Prestone coolant OK for BMW?

Registered. You can use any coolant that is phosphate free. Extended life, phosphate free coolant (any color) can be used in a BMW.

How much coolant does a BMW 335i hold?

Engines used in BMW E90 automatic transmission models hold about 8.2 liters of coolant, manual transmission models hold 8.4 liters.

What type of coolant does a 2008 BMW 328i take?

Zerex Antifreeze/Coolant G-05 Formula CONCENTRATE *5 Year/150K Mile Protection* 1 Gallon.

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Can I use Prestone 50/50 in my BMW?

Prestone® Antifreeze/Coolant is completely safe for use in both foreign and domestic vehicles. For those consumers who would feel more comfortable using a phosphate-free antifreeze, our Prestone® Extended Life 50/50 Antifreeze/Coolant is phosphate, silicate, and borate free.

Can you use green coolant in BMW?

BMW only recommends certain coolants because they do not contain nitrites, amines, phosphates, or borates. This new green-colored coolant was introduced in 2018 and is used instead of the older blue-colored coolant. Green is backwards compatible with blue and can be used on cars before 2018.

Does it matter what coolant I use?

Well, you use the coolant that is specified in your owner’s manual. If you just need to top it up, the recommendation is still the same, however it is unlikely to cause any serious problems if you add a litre of a different type of coolant, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

How much coolant does a 2011 BMW 335i take?

2 gallons total. 1 gal BMW coolant +1 gal distilled water. The DIY covers it.

How do you put coolant in a BMW 335xi?


  1. Allow the engine to cool down.
  2. Open Hood.
  3. Lift the hood and secure it in the open position.
  4. Locate the Coolant Reservoir.
  5. Check BMW 3-Series Coolant Level Remove cap.
  6. Add engine coolant/antifreeze.

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