Question: What Is Connected Drive Bmw?

BMW Connected essentially turns your smartphone into a digital key, unlocking and locking your BMW before you. Much like a remote control, you can use it to flash your headlights, programme the climate control, lock doors or sound the horn.

What is included in BMW Connected Drive?

BMW ConnectedDrive – App-Based Features

  • Access your BMW Financial Services account.
  • Set up “Time to Leave” notifications.
  • Check your fuel level or charge status.
  • Get instant on-street parking information and predictive assistance.
  • Real-time 3D view from your smartphone screen.
  • Find your vehicle using Remote Services.

How much does BMW Connected Drive cost?

ConnectedDrive is free for the first three months when you buy a new BMW, then costs $50 a year if you choose to keep it.

How do you use BMW Connected Drive?

Activate BMW ConnectedDrive

  1. Register your vehicle. Enter the last 7 characters of your VIN.
  2. Subscribe to Remote Services. Head to in a web browser.
  3. Activate Remote Services. Click “Activate Remote Services” on the dashboard.
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Why is BMW Connected Drive?

CONNECTED UPDATES Keep tabs on your BMW, even when you’re safely parked. BMW ConnectedDrive services monitor important data and details, making sure your vehicle is always up to date and ready to go.

Can you start your car with BMW Connected Drive?

You can start your vehicle using remote engine start with the BMW Display Key and the BMW Connected App. After you enable the automatic engine start in your driver assistance settings, you can keep your BMW cool, ventilated, or heated in the interior with click of a button.

Is BMW ConnectedDrive free?

It’s free to register with ConnectedDrive for all eligible BMW cars equipped with the software. It’s standard on most BMW models for three years. BMW recognises that some owners don’t want or need all the ConnectedDrive features, so offers most of the Digital Services features separately or as a trial.

How much does it cost to install BMW CarPlay?

So, is Apple CarPlay free in BMW? Yes, and no. Owners of BMW vehicles with iDrive 6.0 and lower infotainment systems will still be charged a one-time fee of $300.

How much is a BMW subscription?

“A new way of driving BMW is coming,” the homepage promises. Access by BMW consisted of two tiers. For $2,000 a month, members could choose between models like the X5 SUV, 4 Series, and 5 Series sedans, including all plug-in hybrid versions.

What can you do with BMW Connected app?

The BMW Connected app is your digital mobility assistant, taking care of your needs before and during each journey. Access your car using your smartphone, smartwatch or Amazon Echo, send destinations to the navigation system or receive reminders for meetings to make sure you arrive there on time.

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How do I enable remote services on my BMW Connected Drive?

You can activate the Remote Services for your BMW by clicking on ‘Activate Remote Services’ in the Status menu or by going to ‘Settings – Set up services – Activate Remote Services’. SETTING UP THE MY BMW REMOTE APP.

Is BMW Connected any good?

The app and the service behind it is really poor. Remote-control (eg. to unlock doors) mostly does not work at all. When it does work it is very slow and still does not correctly update the status in the app. Car location in the App is usually hours or days out of date.

Does BMW Connected Drive expire?

If you currently have an active ConnectedDrive/BMW Assist contract that expires in or after February 2022, your services will continue to work until February 2022. Such a vehicle will receive all services within the Connected Package Professional or BMW Assist Safety Plan that it is technically capable of receiving.

How do I disconnect my BMW Connected Drive?

How to disconnect My BMW app on iPhone? To delete your vehicle from My BMW Connected account in My BMW remote app, go to the app’s menu and enter the ‘Vehicle’ tab. There you can choose the car to be deleted from the account, so confirm ‘Delete’ and you’re done.

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