Often asked: Where Is Tow Hook Located On Bmw?

If you pull off the top cover (which has the same color as the carpet) you will find an area underneath where the tools are stored. There is very little stuff in the “tool kit” but it does have a tow hook there. The battery is below there if you take the entire plastic contraption off.

How do you tow a BMW?

BMW recommends transporting the vehicle on a tow truck with a flatbed or towing with the rear axle raised. Do not lift the vehicle by a tow fitting or body and chassis parts; otherwise, damage may result. The towing vehicle must not be lighter than the towed vehicle; otherwise, it may be impossible to maintain control.

Are all BMW tow hooks the same?

Yes, BMW does use the same part in many different vehicles sometimes and in this case the e39’s tow hook is used on multiple BMW models as well as some Rolls Royce models.

Where do you mount a hook on a tow?

When mounting any towhook, it’s important to keep the hook easily accessible and in line with the direction of the pull. Don’t mount the towhook at an angle to the front or rear end of the vehicle because most likely you’ll be recovering the truck from either the front or rear-not from a diagonal.

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Can BMW be towed?

Any BMW model can be flat towed for a limited distance of no more than 500 miles, and at a very slow speed. However, towing a BMW any distance further or at a faster speed can seriously damage the vehicle. It is recommended to tow a BMW using a flatbed trailer.

Can you tow a BMW with a tow dolly?

While you can tow a rear-wheel drive BMW on a dolly, in most instances it’s not recommended unless you disconnect the driveshaft. This Demco Kar Kaddy tow dolly can transport vehicles up to 4,800 lbs, which covers most BMW models.

Do all tow hooks fit the same?

Most are pretty basic. So long as you don’t have a really heavy car they should all work fine. Make sure they have plenty of thread and use loc-tite when installing. Some attachment points are tucked under the car which requires a different style than ones that protrude.

Do tow hooks fit all cars?

Fortunately, most if not all cars and trucks will come with a set of tow hooks provided by the vehicle manufacturer, and you can rest assured that those will fit perfectly on to the attachment points on your vehicle’s frame.

What thread is a BMW tow hook?

Especially after I did some more research and found that BMW uses a propriatary size/thread pitch for their tow loop screw ( M15. 8xP3. 175 ).

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