How Many Bmw M3 Were Made?

Total production of the E46 M3 was 56,133 coupés and 29,633 convertibles. The cars were assembled at the BMW Regensburg factory in Germany, and production was from September 2000 until August 2006, for a total of 85,766 cars.

E46 generation (2000–2006)

BMW M3 (E46)
Height 1,370 mm (54 in)


Is the BMW M3 rare?

And whereas BMW built 135 examples of the GTS, the automaker constructed only 67 M3 CRTs in total, making this one of the rarest M3s ever produced. One of those 67 CRTs has popped up for sale on Pistonheads with an asking price of £124,995, or around $155,000 at today’s exchange rate.

How many BMW M3 are sold?

BMW M3 2015-2020 Mini sold 292,394 cars in 2020, a 15.8% year-on-year decline. That total included 17,580 examples of the new Mini Electric. Its John Cooper Works performance models also performed strongly, with the 20,565 sold representing a 20.8% year-on-year increase.

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How many BMW E92 M3 made?

BMW has announced production of the M3 Coupe (E92) has ended this week. 40,000+ units were made.

How many BMW M3 e30s were made?

Only 600. models of the BMW M3 Sport Evolution were made – making the most powerful series E30 of all time one of the rarest and therefore most coveted classic cars.

What is the rarest BMW model?

Highlighting the rarest of the rare BMW models.

  • E21 BMW Baur 3 Series.
  • E34 BMW M5 Winkelhock Edition.
  • BMW 700 Sports Coupe.
  • BMW M3 CRT.
  • BMW 750iL V16.
  • BMW E34 M5 Touring.
  • BMW 328.
  • BMW Z8 Alpina. Most car enthusiasts know about the Z8 and how the exterior was designed by Henrik Fisker to evoke the ever beautiful BMW 507.

Which is the rarest BMW in the world?

Here Are 10 Of The Rarest BMW M5s Ever Made (Part Two)

  • 1992 E34 Naghi Motors Edition M5. Only fifteen models of the Naghi Motors Edition M5 have ever been made.
  • 1995 E34 M5 Touring Elekta.
  • 2015 F10 M5 Pure Metal Edition.
  • 1998 E39 M5 Touring.
  • 1992 E34 M5 Convertible.

How many F80 M3 were produced?

Nearly 35 000 examples of the F80-generation BMW M3 were built.

How many BMW M3 GTR were made?

Since their racing car used a V8, the road car needed to use a V8 too – hence the GTR was born. – Only 10 of them were ever made, and with their exclusivity, came an eye-watering price tag of €250,000 – the equivalent of £285,000 in today’s money!!

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What is the best BMW M3 ever made?

Generation Four (E90): 2008-2013 Purpose-built for the M3, the 4.0-liter V-8 offers up 414 horsepower and an 8400-rpm redline. This is arguably the best-sounding M3 ever made.

When was the BMW E92 M3 made?

In the autumn of 2007, BMW M launched the fourth generation BMW M3 E92 sports coupé. Two further launches followed in 2008, as the high-performance vehicle was made available in three body styles: the E92 Coupé, the E93 Convertible and, for the first time since the E36, as the E90 Sedan.

What years did BMW make the E92 M3?

BMW E90/E92/E93 M3 ( 2007 – 2013 ) As with previous generations of the M3, this new model received a slew of changes that made it radically different from the standard 3 Series coupe.

Is E92 M3 Turbo?

The current M3/M4’s twin- turbocharged straight six makes almost 100 more horsepower than the E46 M3’s, so an increase in performance is possible with a straight-six, just not a naturally aspirated one. In any case, we’re happy BMW gave us this glorious V8 before it switched to turbos.

How many BMW E30s were produced?

Well over two million E30s were made in a huge selection of models: power units ranged from 86bhp diesel to 238bhp M3.

Are all E30s M3?

M3 models have been produced for every generation of 3 Series since the E30 M3 was introduced in 1986.

How many E46 M3 Oxford Green?

ryn004 Rocking a new hat. Doubled check and yes, only 24 RHD verts in Oxford Green have been produced. Oxford green – 1 of 24, in vert.

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