Version 1.4 now available for download

Version 1.4 is now available for download, start the application and it will download the update for you, click in the right top corner on the iformational icon to install the update.


V1.4 contains a new tab Car Profile, where you can create a profile for each car you code to store codings done to the car.


Please consider to donate so I can keep the database up and running.



41 thoughts on “Version 1.4 now available for download

  1. Thanks for your software!
    The profile tab is cool, but I cant see how to delete an added entry in the list of made codings.
    Also it would be cool if the filter is not only reacting to the keyword in searchfield. For example, i want to display all codings for F30 or all for F30 and KOMBI.
    Regards, Ben

  2. Can you please add:
    – Comfort Functions (mirrors closing, roof opening/closing symultaneously)
    – Cruise Control default Distance (annoying it’s set to 3/4 by default rather than 1/4)
    – Default mode (e.g. Eco rather than Comfort)

  3. Hi, great job !
    I have found 1 error: When I try to generate a new car profile, I can only select f-series chasis from f01 to f46, no f56 for example.

  4. Do you know of any reason why I can’t get this to run on my Windows 7 laptop? I get a “BMW Coding Database has stopped working” error immediately after starting.

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